Peer to Peer Portfolio Review (Nov 2020)

December 2, 2020
December 2, 2020 Mr. Meher

Peer to Peer Portfolio Review (Nov 2020)

LendenClub Portfolio Review

Peer to Peer Portfolio Review (Nov 2020)


As the year is about to close. And Covid vaccine on the way . We can look forward to a positive 2021 . A new decade will dawn and hopefully a brighter one.

I started my P2P journey very recently and have been actively investing  a small amount in Lenden Club . December,  I’ll  start with Faircent and Frinzy. By July 2021 I plan to expand to multiple site and review it all in Monthly Blog post and share my learning .

Here are few things i have learnt in my initial days :

  1. Lenden and Faircent and Frinzy all have efficient onboarding mechanism.
  2. But Lenden assigned account manager respond slower hardly cares for you . Replies late.
  3. Faircent has been regularly following up for investment. Lets see how the manager responds in future.
  4. I am exploring investing overseas in 2021 and reading a lot on the process and ways to . Found some Youtube video helpful. Targeting April 2021 to finally start international investing .

My Lenden Portfolio  Review



INVESTED: Rs. 10,000 . Through multiple small amounts.

The Portfolio is looking at 12% Return if there is no default.I am expecting at least 1 default. and so my 1st 4-5 month return would 7.5-10%. Averaging around 18% with defaults through the year.



Total no of Investment I have done is 21 . Lend my money to 21 people.


These are just starting Number . 15% return on a whole would be ideal at the end of the year. I plan to invest at least 25k and withdraw it all by March 2021. Just to gauge initially the service level . Than reinvest a bigger amount going forward.

Precautions I am taking :

  1. Investing generally in above 650 Credit Score .
  2. Person who has taken loan and repaid.
  3. Person whose income and Loan interest Ratio allows breathing space for the person.
  4. Working in a reputed company or a govt company.

As i go forward i’ll increase my understanding of the market . I’ll add to my learnings and share here.


Thank you for reading . Do give feedback so i can improve my writing style .

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